I am a Photographer concerned essentially with capturing "street style" imagery. Although I have worked in other genres, I believe that street photography is an attitude, an openness to record events that unfold naturally in various situations. I find that people interacting with their environment are primarily my main source of subject matter, I also like to create pictures which are less busy, frenetic and calmer.

Street Photography has gained in popularity in the last ten years although, many of the genres master photographers have been identified as pioneers of the subject including, Cartier Bresson, Gary Winogrand, Robert Frank, Joel Meyerowitz and William Eggleston. The iconic "Bystander" publication was the inspiration for Nick Turpin to found the group In Public from which I draw inspiration. A recent inspirational workshop in New York gave me the opportunity to work with such celebrated street photographers such as Matt Stuart, Gus Powell and the late great Christophe Agou.

I have several reoccurring themes within my work which manifest themselves throughout the year. The seasons and elements offer great variety in terms of light/tone/colour and movement all of which I use in an attempt to capture visually exciting pictures.

My work has been featured in The Times and The Guardian.